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Lone Star Embroidered Quilt Set

Style #QW1001   

Available Size: King, Queen, Twin XL

Delicate vermicelli quilt pattern on the cotton fabric material with exquisite barbwire embroidered appliqués and Star embroideries quilt. Both sides are neatly finished. Mixed with rustic plaid pattern fabric to make it unique.  Machine washable. King, and Queen size  come with 3PCS  in a bag (Quilt, Pillow Sham*2PCS). Twin XL comes with 2PCS in a (Quilt,Pillow Sham*1PC).

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Corrales Sunset Bedding Set

Style #WS1001

 Size: 27"Wx27"L+2". Chocolate cotton quilt euro sham with 2" ruffle. Comes with string ties in the back for pillow closure. Avoid the hassle of fighting through the zipper. 

Abilene Bedding

Style #WS1003

Nicely crafted rustic jute rug in the size of 24"Hx36"W.

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Cow Skull 1 Sequin Pillow

Stye #PL1001

Rustic Cow skull head in Chocolate sequin pillow. Unique and wild. Size: 18"Wx18"H.

Cow Skull 2 Sequin Pillow

Style #PL1002

Rustic Cow skull in chocolate sequin pillow with western flower patterns details. Unique, wild and elegant. Size: 18"Wx18"H.

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Lone Star Oblong Quilt Pillow

Style #QW1001P3

ETA: August 2017

Size: 26"Wx11"H+1-1/2". Oblong quilt cotton pillow with embroidered barbwire.

Lone Star Square Quilt Pillow

Style #QW1001P1

ETA: August 2017

Size: 18"x18". Quilt pillow embroidered with western 3 dimensional shooting star.

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